Cherlisa wants to say some stuff.

Hi Friends! 

It's the time of year :-) 

No, not Thanksgiving! Well that too. It’s SRS 2018/2019 fundraising time! 

I'll keep this short. The team has a goal to raise 10k through alumni donations and company matches by the end of 2018. Sounds crazy right? But did you know that if every active alum donated about $80+, we could get there? 

I'm asking that you consider donating to the team this year. I'm hoping you will join me in supporting the team financially. Any amount helps. I promise.  If you have already given, I'm not asking you for more, just keeping you in the loop. 

See the student's letter and FAQs below for more info. If you have questions or would like more info, I'm happy to answer. 

Appreciate you,





(Probably Pending Questions)

Why does the team need so much money? 

Good question. The team is building. Carbon fiber costs are in the thousands, even with the donation we are receiving. Wheels costs $280 a piece. 3 per buggy, 3-4 buggies. That's 12*~300 = $3600 for one set. That assumes we don't lose any to experiment or accidents. The target budget is actually about 20k.


Is the team doing anything else aside from begging alums to help raise money? 

Yes. The team has put together a store to sell merchandise. They have reached out to vendors for donations. This was successful for some Carbon Fiber. They have done the legwork to confirm advertising is kosher (To help get money from small local business). CMBAA and JFC have also provided some funds.

How can I donate? 

2 ways. 

Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you donate so we can track your money. I don't trust nobody with our money lol. And so we can give you a thank you gift. They are decent. I promise. 


You already asked me for money at the end of the school year. Why are you asking me again?

As you know, we have typically waited until the last minute to fundraise. This usually results in debt (our own or other alums). We are working with students to start planning earlier. This is the first step. This year we are starting the push in the first semester. Hopefully next year, we will do this drive in the summer right after races. This will provide the time to focus on important things (building, recruiting, training) rather than fundraising during the school year.


I ain't got no money. Is there anything else I can do? 


  • Stay engaged - Please read the communications (newsletters, FB posts, insta posts) as they come out. You can participate in discussions and stay current on what's happening. Send encouragement to the team via email, FB, Insta!

  • One way that I was considering supporting the team was to use my credit card points to get home depot gift cards for them.

  • If you know of hookups for materials (tools, build materials, etc), let me know.

  • Help me reach out to other alums. It is a LOT of work for one person to reach out to all the alums and ask for help. It’s a lot less work and a lot more effective if we each work within our micro-network of buggy folk. If you are interested, let me know.


If I donate, will this guarantee a win? 

Absolutely not. This will help to get set the students up for increased success, but there are no guarantees. What I can guarantee is that your funds will help keep SRS alive and continue the tradition of building. Most of us know first hand how hard it is to restart building after a long hiatus. 


Are there any donation incentives? 

You already know!

  • $250 = 1 gift.

  • $700 = 2 gifts

  • $1000+ = 3 gifts

  • All gifts are SRS branded 


How do I know if my company matches? 

 You can check with your company. If you don't feel like it I'm happy to do the work. 


I already gave ya'll fools money for the school year and I ain't get no gift. 

Sorry about that homie. Shoot me a note and I'll send you something soon.