Thanks for wanting to donate to SPIRIT Racing Systems. Your contributions are what keep us rolling (sorry, we’ll stop being punny). There are two ways to donate: online or with a check.


Online Donation

  1. Head over to

  2. Click Give Now

  3. Click Area of Your Choice

  4. Click Select Fund of My Choice

  5. Enter $ Gift Amount in top box

  6. Click on View All Funds

  7. Click on box next to Other (other is below the general scholarship fund)

  8. Enter 100 in box for 100%,

  9. Enter “CMARC-For SPIRIT Racing Systems” in the bottom box that is under “If you selected Other, please indicate where you would like us to direct your gift”

  10. Consider Clicking or checking box next to “My company will match my gift.”.

  11. Enter company name to search

  12. Click Continue

  13. Click this link or scroll down so we can thank you properly

Snail Mail

1) Write a check payable to “CMARC (for SRS)”

Yes, we know it weird that the check is sent to CMARC because it no longer exists.

But we triple checked and that’s what the school wanted.

We’re just following orders.

2) Mail to:

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion CMARC/CMAP,

Attn: Spirit Racing Systems

5000 Forbes Ave. CUC Lower Level 75

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

3) Click this link or scroll down so we can thank you properly



We can't overstate how much we appreciate your willingness to help SPIRIT Racing Systems. We know your money is hard-earned, and we are honored to be recipients of your generosity. Thank you for helping us reach new heights... er... new speeds. 

Your donation will go toward:

  • New wheels (to make the buggies go faster).

  • Racing industry data logging equipment (to more accurately track our performance).

  • Materials for fabricating a pre-pregnated buggy. (Our last buggy is a few years old, and building a new one can be costly).

  • Metal stock for custom machine components. (Buggy parts can't always be bought in your friendly neighborhood Home Depot).

  • Everyday tools like wrenches, nuts, and bolts. (These small purchases really add up).

  • Generally enabling the team to further champion awareness of students of color on CMU campus. 

  • Maintaining this website and all of the history within it.