35th Year Fundraiser

Help us get 75 recurring donors by July 21st, 2019!

A handful of alumni have committed to donate $X,000 (outlined below) to SRS if we can get 75 recurring donors at $15/month or more by July 21st, 2019!

  • $180/yr x 25 donors = $4,500
  • $180/yr x 50 donors = $9,000
  • $180/yr x 75 donors = $13,500
  • $180/yr x 100 donors = $18,000

Each donor will ‘push’ the buggy forward! Each hill of the course will be accomplished with 12 donors. The freeroll will be completed with 15 donors.

Donors will be asked to send proof of their donation to spiritracingsystems.alumni@gmail.com

(Either forward the confirmation email from CMU or take a screenshot that proves the donation). This info will be cross-checked with the CMU record the students get through CMARC/The Center.

Immediately after donation, the donor will receive a small gift (a sticker + thank you note). Larger gifts will be distributed around raceday.

  • $15/mo ($180/yr) - Sticker Pack, part 2 (at least 5 cool stickers) or coin
  • $25/mo ($300/yr) - Raceday shirt
  • $50/mo ($600/yr) - ‘Best Raceday Alum Ever’ Party Pack

If we won’t have enough money to get us out of debt + cover school year essential expenses by the end of August, we will have a one-time, very targeted drive to cover the remaining costs.

-Chris and Thomas

Donors So Far: