35th Year of SRS Fundraiser

35th Year of SRS Fundraiser This is our year! We want to build a new buggy and have the right tools to win. Help us get 75 recurring donors by July 28st, 2019! Check out the fundraiser here.

A brief description of what’s in it for you

A handful of alumni have committed to donate $2,500 to SRS if we can get 75 recurring donors to give $15/month or more by July 21st, 2019! 

We are requesting recurring donations because it guarantees a steady flow of resources for the team throughout the year and allows you to spread your donation out automatically over the year! That said, one time donations are definitely accepted. 

Each donor (one-time and recurring) will receive a gift of appreciation on raceday. Confirmed company matches count towards your donation! Here are the levels: 

$15/MO ($180/YR)

35th Year of SRS Commemorative Sticker Pack 
This covers driver safety equipment for the year

$25/MO ($300/YR)

2019 Raceday shirt
This covers one race day wheel (each buggy needs at least 3!)

$50/MO ($600/YR)

Best Raceday Alum Ever Party Pack
This covers ⅙ of raw material required to build a buggy

For more information including how we're doing and the chairmen’s plea for your money, go to spiritracingsystems.com/fundraiser

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