Ask an Alum: AJ Pichardo


AJ is an active SRS Alum that served on the team from 2011-2015. He was in the group of mechanics and leaders that built Inviscid! AJ is currently giving back as an alum by providing advice for the team and working with a few others to centralize the SRS knowledge base. Let’s hear from AJ:

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Why did you join buggy?

Evan. Moss. That is all.

What's your favorite buggy?

Inviscid (I'm biased though), followed by Kufa Haraka

What advice do you have for the current team?

Dare to build and experiment. Push yourselves in whichever role you play in the team. Communicate clearly and often with alumni, the good and the bad.

How has buggy helped you in your post-college life?

Buggy landed my my first couple of internships, which played a huge role in where I am today. I have made friends for life through buggy that now reside all over the US. It has made me into the person I am today and I am reminded of my buggy family almost everywhere I go.

Tell us what you do now-a-days!

I'm an Advanced Drive Assist Systems Engineer at Ford Motor Company. I work with driver aids such as automatic cruise control, automatic emergency braking, etc. In my free time I tinker with cars, go rock climbing, and play with my dog. 

What years did you participate in Spirit Buggy?

All of the years (2011-2015 to be exact)

What roles did you serve on the team?

By year: Mechanic, Head Mechanic, Chairman, Build Lead/Advisor

Thanks, AJ!

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