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'sup, fam?

We're gonna get sentimental for a sec.

SRS has been built on a rich foundation, and every day we aspire to make proud the trailblazers of our past (that's you). Every single alumni has made a lasting impact on this group that so many people call family. We want to thank you and continue to pull from your experiences in our past to make SRS stronger in the future. 

In short: thanks for dropping by, and we need your help to be the best team we can possibly be. Look below to see how you can help out the team and how to get connected with our alumni/student network.

Fact Check our galleries

Take a trip down memory lane. While you're there, if you see any photos with the wrong date, or you have any photos that you'd like to add, please reach out.


We want to be able to keep you updated on what's happening with SRS, especially as carnival approaches. So let us know where to find you!

Team & Alumni Contact Form

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What's your name?
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We promise, we won't do the math to figure out how old you are.
Whether you graduated or peaced-out, you're all still family to us.
Yes, yes, we get it, you're not very likely to check your non-cmu address.
*cough* You should follow us on Instagram @spiritracingsystems *cough*
Can mean helping the team keep track of money, helping with the design of the website, helping create fundraisers, etc.
"I'm an accountant... but I was a mechanic, and build stuff in my free time and want to help the mechanics build stuff."