35th Year Fundraiser

It’s the 35th year of Spirit Buggy and we want to do it big. We want to build a new buggy and have the right tools to win, but we need you! Help us get 75 recurring donors by Sunday, July 28th 2019!

A handful of alumni have committed to donate $2,500 to SRS if we can get 75 recurring donors to give $15/month or more by July 21st, 2019!

We are requesting recurring donations because it guarantees a steady flow of resources for the team throughout the year and allows you to spread your donation out automatically over the year! That said, one time donations are definitely accepted.

Each donor (one-time and recurring) will receive a gift of appreciation at raceday. Confirmed company matches count towards your donation! Here are the levels:

$15/mo ($180/yr)

35th Year of SRS Commemorative Sticker Pack
This covers driver safety equipment for the year

$25/mo ($300/yr)

2019 Raceday shirt
This covers one race day wheel (each buggy needs at least 3!)

$50/mo ($600/yr)

Best Raceday Alum Ever Party Pack
This covers ⅙ of raw material required to build a buggy

Any questions?

Contact spiritracingsystems.finance@gmail.com

Dear SPIRIT Racing Systems Alumni and Supporters,

We hope this letter finds you well. Your continued support and investment in our team is greatly appreciated. Without you, SRS would not be where we are now. Thank you. In hopes that you will read this entire letter, we will keep it short and to the point, it will be broken down into three sections for ease of reading.

2018-19 Achievements

This past season we faced a series of challenges that we met head on. Throughout the year, we started our construction for our female mold. We made some good progress before we had to turn our attention towards raceday. With our Men’s B Team we posted a 2:15.22 gaining us 6th place. A series of unfortunate spins occurred preventing us from qualifying our Men’s A and Women’s A teams. Women’s B also faced a tough disqualification by stepping into another team’s lane.

We felt our hard work throughout the year was not accurately reflected on Raceday. We were content with our 6th place finish. But we are hungry for more.

Our Goals

For this upcoming buggy year, we are striving to achieve the following:

● Raise enough money to build 2 new buggies
● Complete our buggy mold and race at least 1 of the 2 new buggies
● Have a finishing race day time of sub 2:04 for men
● Have a finishing race day time of sub 2:28 for women
● Solidify Alumni engagement throughout the year for the foreseeable future

What we are asking from you

We cannot reach our goals alone. Here’s how you can help:

Stay Engaged

This is probably the easiest thing that you can do. It’s a bit strange when we get to raceday and don’t know a lot of the faces save a few. We want to know all of you! For those in Pittsburgh, come to rolls when you can. For those outside of the PGH, read the newsletters , follow us on Instagram (@SpiritRacingSystems), or send us a carrier pigeon asking for updates - Chris will personally respond by smoke signal to those who send carrier pigeons. From an alum perspective, however much you put in you will get out. Engagement is key.

Speak Up

Chris's mother always told him that a closed mouth never gets fed. We need your input! What can we do to foster a better student-alumni relationship? How can we help you become more invested in the team that you once competed with and still are a part of? What else do you want to see come about on the alum side of buggy?

Consider Giving A Heartfelt Donation

We assume you were all waiting for this one. It’s no shocker, we need money. For us to achieve everything we need this year, we are looking at a total of around $18,000. This is a scary number to try to take care of all at once, so we are encouraging recurring donations. A generous group of alumni has offered to donate a lump sum if we reach 75 recurring donors before July 21st! We are also kicking off the SRSRP® (SRS Rewards Program) which rewards monthly recurring donations, as well as equivalent one-time donations.

We wanted to take the time to thank you again for your support and inspiration to our team and thank you for reading this far! We look forward to establishing better connections with each alum who wants to connect!


Your 2019-2020 Chairmen
Christopher Fulton and Thomas Anderson

  1. Go to the CMU Giving page via this link
  2. Choose your type of donation by clicking on either “Recurring Gift” or “One-Time Gift”. (Recurring donations will push us towards our goal!!)
  3. Click on View All Funds
  4. Scroll to bottom and choose “Other”
  5. In small text box, enter dollar amount
  6. In “specify what fund” large text box, enter: CMARC-FOR SPIRIT RACING SYSTEMS
    (Yes, we triple checked and “CMARC” is where we are to send the funds to even though it is now called “The Center for Diversity and Inclusion.” Just following orders.)
  7. If you believe that your company will match your donation, consider clicking or checking circle next to “My company will match my gift” and searching for your organization name
  8. Click Continue and fill out the rest of your information
  9. If you're still confused, feel free to check out the picture here

Don’t forget: SEND PROOF OF YOUR DONATION (and company matches) TO spiritracingsystems.finance@gmail.com

We know your funds will be directed to SRS, but we want to give you credit as soon as possible!

Forward the confirmation email from CMU or send a screenshot that proves the donation.


Track our progress towards our recurring donor goal on the course! We’ll make sure to keep our hand on the pushbar over the finish line! But first

Recurring Donors: out of 75